We undertake and provide professional air-conditioning cleaning, maintenance and repairing services to different kinds of organisations and commercial businesses, including:

  • Our staff commence with site visiting. Then, we can quote and draft the design.

  • Including general Window/Split type air conditioners, Fan Coil system, VRV system, Water-cooled air conditioning system.

  • Our company provides air conditioner inspection service; hence, we are willing to provide some professional guidance and information in accordance with the inspection result as well as home quote service.


    Service Commitment:

    • Express technician will arrive in 2-3 hours.
    • Each technician is well-experienced.
    • Any company-maintenance products through our company can enjoy three months warranty.
    • Maintenance cost does not include the replacement of parts which required a different quote.




  • Including clean and wash the air filters, check all the major parts, check the taps, unlimited inspection and maintenance services per month during the contract period.


    • A regular maintenance each month is applied during the maintenance period, including the inspection machine, dust and wash-water pipes to radiators or clean-up, and so on.
    • Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems are on a regular basis every year for an entire washing with high pressure jet cleaning liquid.
    • An unlimited emergency repair service during business hours.
    • Only those parts are charged for all replacement of parts that makes during the maintenance period, while the labour costs are free of charge.
    • Maintenance fee does not include the cost of replacement parts. If there is a need for replacement parts, our company will announce and provide quotation if necessary. (Customers can provide the parts themselves)
    • Maintenance period for all parts contain three months of warranty.
    • Case maintenance projects beyond repair, the company will make a charge each time.
  • Including high pressure cleaning solution, cleaning and priming drain pipes and check all the major parts, the wind jack motor oil, the whole machine disinfecting services.