We are committed to provide professional air-conditioners engineering services to both different sized offices  and home, including:

    • Professional installation of various ventilation system, including split-type and window-type air-conditioners, fan-coil units, refrigerant copper pipes, standard cooling rack, drainage system
    • Professional installation of galvanized iron duct, chilled water pipes, ventilation systems
    • Professional installation of pumps, cooling towers, AHU, fan coil
    • Design & install electrical system by electrical expertises with registered licenses
    • Annual chemical cleaning with high pressure jet cleaning solution of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems
    • Monthly checking of parts, cleaning the air filter and de-block drainage pipes or condenser
    • Unlimited emergency repair service call within specific period
    • A regular maintenance each month is applied during the maintenance period, including the inspection machine, dust and wash-water pipes to radiators or clean-up, and so on.
    • Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems are on a regular basis every year for an entire washing with high pressure jet cleaning liquid.
    • An unlimited emergency repair service during business hours.
    • Only those parts are charged for all replacement of parts that makes during the maintenance period, while the labour costs are free of charge.
    • Maintenance fee does not include the cost of replacement parts. If there is a need for replacement parts, our company will announce and provide quotation if necessary. (Customers can provide the parts themselves)
    • Maintenance period for all parts contain three months of warranty.
    • Case maintenance projects beyond repair, the company will make a charge each time.


  • Chemical cleaning of air conditioners, central air-conditioning systems, cooling towers, AHU, air filters, drainage pipes, chiller system, drainage pumps, air duct, ventilation systems etc.



    Chemical Cleaning Service includes:

    1. Checking of refrigerant system and components  

    2. Chemical cleaning of internal cooling coils  

    3. High pressure cleaning of outdoor condenser  

    4. Antiseptic and sterilized service  

    5. After service cleaning

    6. Three months Warranty 

    • Checking out the condenser air flow, air temperature, return air temperature, circuits and control devices
    • Checking the air conditioning system parts and circuit
    • Professional repairing of water tower, AHU, central chiller system, various types of split type air conditioners
    • Order and replacement of original parts, spare part


    Any company-maintenance products normally can enjoy 3 months or above warranty.