• Window type air conditioners


    Window type air conditioners HP  3/4HP – 1HP  1.5HP – 2HP  2.5HP – 3HP
    Chemical and Mold-proofing cleaning, Leak testing, Refill refrigerant and Anti-rust painting  $600  $700  $800


    Split type Wall-mounted air conditioners  


    Air conditioners HP  3/4HP – 1HP  1.5HP – 2HP 2.5HP – 3HP
    Chemical cleaning and Disinfection  $600  $700  $800


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  • Reference price (per year)


    Three air conditioners $ 2,000 
    Four air conditioners $ 2,600
    Five air conditioners $ 3,200


    *These fees are including transportation, maintenance, inspection, insurance and labour costs。

  • General fees are as below:


    1)Business Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm -- Inspection fee HK$500.00 

    (Checking fee: Technician quote the price after checking the air-conditioner, the checking fee HK$500.00 will be charged if the customer cannot confirm to repair/clean it immediately)



    2)Express Repairing services -- Inspection fee HK$1,000.00 Up


  • Our company provide and install different kinds of air conditioners, including Split type or Wall-Mount type air conditioners, Window type air conditioners, Ventilation fan and so forth.


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